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                       description Our emblem symbolizes unison. Its three petals of various colors indicate three chief disciplines or branches of education in any society viz health (green), technology (red) and management (blue). Other branches emerge form these three vital boughs. The dot surrounded by three petals signifies society. Like petals ensure security of the flower, education has the potential to save a nation from adversities. Green color represents life, abundant in nature, it signifies growth. Red color indicates energy and attention. Blue color is associated with confidence without being somber or sinister. It keeps us reminding our cardinal goal and our punch line “Committed to excel”.

  Campus Address :
Near Choki Dhani , Khandwa Road Indore
Email : info@bmcollege.ac.in
 Tel: 9329942552

City office :

Orbit Mall 103- 104 First Floor AB Road Indore
Tel Fax: 0731 -2572121 , 9926055906

Admission Enquiry :

Orbit Mall 401- 402 AB Road Indore
Email: info@bmcollege.ac.in,
Call : 9926055906

Corporate Enquiry :
Near Choki Dhani , Khandwa Road Indore
Email: tpo@bmcollege.ac.in,
Call: 78693-19948

Group Institutes :

BM College of Technology
BM College of Pharmaceutical Education & Research BM College of Management & Research
Shri Bherulal Pharmacy Institute

"Educating for Leadership"