Cultural Activities
Blood donation camp
Various activities (with social messages and for spreading awareness on various issues) like marathon, rallies, road shows etc.
Free health check up in near by villages
Free drug distribution camp for people of lesser god
Various other programs under the aegis of NSS (national service scheme)
Laughter show is a signature event of BM colleges (and is indigenous to BM colleges.) to burst the stress prevailing in students.

  Campus Address :
Near Choki Dhani , Khandwa Road Indore
Email :
 Tel: 9329942552

City office :

Orbit Mall 103- 104 First Floor AB Road Indore
Tel Fax: 0731 -2572121 , 9926055906

Admission Enquiry :

Orbit Mall 401- 402 AB Road Indore
Call : 9926055906

Corporate Enquiry :
Near Choki Dhani , Khandwa Road Indore
Call: 78693-19948

Group Institutes :

BM College of Technology
BM College of Pharmaceutical Education & Research BM College of Management & Research
Shri Bherulal Pharmacy Institute

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