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From a modest beginning in 2007, BM College of technology has now grown into a fully equipped engineering college and holds a unique position of pride in the technical education system in India. . The institute strives to develop an innovative academic environment through the synergy between faculty, students, industry and technology. Our aim is to build an effervescent community of engineers, where faculty and students are cronies in a mutually inspirational education process, engrossed in learning. This learning process would lead to the inventions and then to discoveries. We actively seek to engage our adjacent associates from research and educational institutions, to contribute in the process of learning by sharing their proficiency and practices gained outside of the classroom. Apart from academic activities, the co-curricular activities, sports, adventure, cultural and social- service activities, form important parts of the life of the students. The Institute has established very strong Training & Placement Division. From day one, we are providing various training like technical, personality development, soft skills etc. Our T&P team has given very promising results. I convey my best wishes to the students for their bright future.

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Near Choki Dhani , Khandwa Road Indore
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 Tel: 9329942552

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Orbit Mall 103- 104 First Floor AB Road Indore
Tel Fax: 0731 -2572121 , 9926055906

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Orbit Mall 401- 402 AB Road Indore
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Near Choki Dhani , Khandwa Road Indore
Call: 78693-19948

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BM College of Technology
BM College of Pharmaceutical Education & Research BM College of Management & Research
Shri Bherulal Pharmacy Institute

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